Maintenance Contract of Solar Panel Systems

Maintenance Contract of Solar Panel Systems 1
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Maintenance contracts are perhaps better known for your heating system or water heater. In principle, maintenance contracts for solar panel systems work in the same way.

1. PV Maintenance Contract – Content and Cost

The PV maintenance contract –usually annually – includes a regular inspection and examination as well as any repairs of the solar panel system to ensure an operational safety and readiness of the solar PV system.

The conclusion of a maintenance contract has the advantage that the executing companies remember the maintenance time and that it is usually included in the maintenance price an emergency service as well as small repairs or worn materials.

The cost of the maintenance contract depends on the size of the solar PV system and is payable annually. Some companies also offer maintenance contracts with cost accounting per kilowatt peak.

maintenance contract for solar panels

maintenance contract for solar panels

2. How useful is a PV maintenance contract?

A solar PV system is a costly investment. Therefore, this needs regular maintenance.

Maintenance contracts offer a series of advantages, also that maintenance appointments cannot be forgotten, it also ensures that the maintenance is carried out.

Some solar panel manufacturers demand regular maintenance as a condition for the granting of their long guarantee times.

For insurance companies, the maintenance contract is regarded as proof, that the security of the solar PV system is regularly checked.

3. Scope of the regular maintenance tasks

In the maintenance contract, the to-do tasks are specified. It includes control of solar PV panels. This refers to, in particular, the glass, frame, or connector of solar modules. The cabling and the PV mounting system must also be subject to a visual inspection.

Some maintenance contracts also include the checking of the screws or rather clamp connections between the solar PV modules and the PV mounting system as well as between the PV mounting system and the roof.

Besides, the functioning of the entire plant is also checked; the yield data are compared with the nominal data. The solar power inverter is checked and cleaned.

In the case of suspected errors, solar PV panels are examined by a specialist (characteristic measurement, thermography, functional analysis, checking of the string fuses in the generator connection box).

What are the solar panel maintenance cost?

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