How Important are Energy Storage Devices For Solar Panel Systems?

How Important are Energy Storage Devices For Solar Panel Systems? 1
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How Important are Energy Storage Devices For Solar Panel Systems?


Why you need energy storage devices for an off-grid solar panel system? Why does it become more attractive to have these in a grid-tied solar panel system too? What should be taken into consideration when installing an energy storage system? In this article, you know the answers.

Most solar panel systems are grid-connected. These can, but not necessarily always have an energy storage device. As opposed to that, off-grid PV systems should have in any case an energy storage system.

Energy storage devices in off-grid solar systems

How Important are Energy Storage Devices For Solar Panel Systems? 3

An energy storage device is essential in the off-grid solar system because the supply and the demand for solar power are not coincident.

For an independent solar power supply, the off-grid solar system must have an energy storage system, so that the solar power is available when due to darkness (at night) or an extended period of bad weather no solar electricity is produced.

As energy storage system for off-grid solar systems, special solar storage batteries are used. Solar storage batteries are either Lead accumulators or lithium batteries.

The accumulators for off-grid solar systems must be designed and dimensioned, in such a way that they can cover the local need for a certain determined period. Here is usually expected with three to five days.

The necessary size of the solar storage battery can easily be calculated via the consumption of the connected appliances and their daily operation, multiplied by the number of days, which need to be bridged.

Energy storage devices in a grid tied solar system


How Important are Energy Storage Devices For Solar Panel Systems? 5


Recently, energy storage systems become more attractive for grid-connected plants. On the one hand, the feed-in remuneration is steadily falling (In the case of a feed-in tariff model), on the contrary, electricity prices are increasing continually, so that it becomes more attractive to maximize the use of the self-produced solar power.

Calculations demonstrate that the self-consumption of produced solar electricity could be increased with the aid of an appropriate energy storage system to more than 70 percent.

For PV plant operators, energy storage device can improve the security of supply and for the grid operator brings advantages, because due to an energy storage system, the utility grid cannot be overloaded in peak feed-in times.

According to Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE with the aid of the right energy storage system, up to 60 percent of purchased electricity can be saved.

Tip: While choosing solar storage batteries, make sure that these store energy with minimal losses. Besides, you should duplicate the calculated capacity, in order to avoid a frequent deep discharge of the batteries. This minimizes their lifetime.

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