5 Worst Errors In The Planning Of A Solar PV System And The Ways Of Avoiding Them

5 Worst Errors In The Planning Of A Solar PV System And The Ways Of Avoiding Them 1

5 Worst Errors In The Planning Of A Solar PV System And The Ways Of Avoiding Them


This article will show you the five worst errors in the planning of a solar PV system and will give you advices on how to avoid them.

The number of installed solar PV systems continues to rise sharply and therefore also the number of deficient executions. Many photovoltaic portals offer opportunities for ˈpersonal planningˈ of solar PV systems. These calculation possibilities allow a good estimation of the possible yields.

For professional planning, it is advisable to contact a solar specialist. Here a careful selection must be made. In the worst case, mistakes can also be made due to the disregard of technical rules for profit maximization.


1.Error: Using old drawings in the design of the solar panel system


An often observed error source in the planning of solar PV system is the plant design with the help of old drawings.

Often, later renovations and modifications are not documented. It is therefore always recommended to measure the roof surface, which should be occupied by the solar PV system.


2.Error: Absence of the static proofs


Static proofs of the roof should also be available, or at least an estimation must be made by an expert, which can be the PV designer, In the particular case, a structural engineer or carpenter have to be consulted.


3.Error: edge distances must be observed!


In the module coverage of the roof, the edge distances to ridge, eaves, and verge must be observed. On the one hand because of wind load. On the contrary, there are fire protection rules, which must be complied.

The fire protection is often ignored for larger buildings; fire walls are drilled through or built over. If there is a fire, this can quickly spread to nearby buildings.

Roofs of row houses are therefore often not suitable for solar PV systems.


4.Error: non-optimised solar inverter sizing


In the professional planning, an optimal inverter sizing plays a central role. Here, a wrong dimensioning leads to reduced power yields. A control of the solar inverter sizing is possible on the homepage of the solar power inverter manufacturer.


5.Error: do not underestimate the Shadowings!


The Shadowings of the solar PV system caused by trees, antennas, and chimneys are often underestimated. A shading analysis and an adequate wiring of the solar PV modules minimize losses caused by temporary shadings.

Checklist as a Guideline For The Planning of Your Solar Panel System

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