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Download Solar Panel Maintenance and inspection Checklist PV PDF

Download Solar Panel Maintenance and inspection Checklist PV PDF 1

solar pv maintenance checklist pdf “Solar Panel Maintenance Checklist” must be done regularly to ensure very long life for the solar power system, and to keep the the low coast of maintenance, in this list you will find a solar installation checklist pdf checklist for solar panel installation you can use it also for solar PV maintenance checklist pdf will help you also with solar panel inspection checklist for rooftop or ground or field inspection guidelines for PV systems and will be very helpful with solar site assessment checklist.

Download Solar Panel Maintenance and inspection Checklist PV PDF 3
Solar power checklist 2021

here you can read all the checklist or scoll down to find PDF file to download for free !

Before any check please note the date and location if you have multi locations

Does your PV contains one of this or multiple (If yes check)


  • Cracks on PV? 
  • Damage or bend on the panel  ?
  • White sports under solar glass? 
  • Bubbles of air or moisture behind the glass? 
  • Broken back sheeting (white EVA)?
  •  Loose foils (delamination) at backside? 
  • Browning under glass? 
  • Junction boxes at backside loose
  • Missing cover or Junction box
  • Junction boxes at backside loose 
  • Damaged cables
  • Shade are covering Panel fully or partially 


  • The land are not stable 
  • Poor concrete mixture with cracks 
  • Anchor bolts are loose


  • Hanging cables
  • Unsecure connection or bare copper 
  • Unsecure junction (loose – missing cover …)
  • Burnt cables or connections
  • Cables are exposed to the sun or rain
  • Cable entry point at power house wall not sealed


  • No earthing of PV array structure
  • No earthing combiner box
  • No earthing through lightning protection
  • No earthing at charge controller
  • No earthing at the battery charger
  • No earthing at the inverter
  • No earthing of battery protection box
  • No earthing of AC distribution box
  • No earthing at all households
  • No grounding connection in the ground pit/grounding rod
  • Lightning mast not secure and unstable
  • Wrong cable for grounding type/colour


  • Unstable battery rack
  • Risk of collapse
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Signs of leaking batteries
  • No side bars to prevent batteries falling


  • No insulation around battery-to-battery cables
  • Exposed battery terminals
  • Battery bank combiner terminal is exposed 
  • Incorrect battery connections
  • Cables are exposed to physical damage
  • Signs of sulfide flakes at terminals
  • Battery protection box fuses insufficient
  • Battery protection box wiring insufficient

Internal power house wiring:

  • Cable trenches not used
  • No glands used at any cable entry points
  • Disorganised cable layout
  • Exposed copper wires
  • Cables exposed to physical damage
  • Unsecure connections
  • Incorrect grounding connections

Power house ventilation:

  • Ventilation openings not on all power house walls
  • Power house too hot inside Note temperature
  • Ventilation openings blocked
  • Ventilation do not stop insects/animals to enter rooms

Power house flooding prevention:

  • Foundation height is insufficient to prevent water entry
  • No external water diversion channels or aprons
  • Roof is leaking
  • Ventilation openings or windows are leaking
  • Landslide risk at site
  • Flooding risk at site

Distribution grid pole installation:

  • Inappropriate material used for poles
  • No concrete foundations for poles
  • Incorrect or broken cable bracket and tensioner
  • Poles leaning or not securely anchored
  • Poles inappropriately placed (e.g. in road, driveway)
  • Poles spacing is incorrect
  • Poles placed too close to trees

Distribution grid wiring:

  • Cables too slack and can be reached easily
  • Cables not properly secured to pole brackets
  • Incorrect/cheap cables used
  • Exposed copper or aluminium wires
  • Poor or exposed cable connections or connectors
  • Poor grounding
  • Cables touching sharp edges
  • Cables crossing over and resting on other distribution cables
  • Cables going through trees
  • Cables resting on metal surfaces
  • Cables vulnerable to physical damage

EASEY Solar Panel Maintenance Checklist

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