Checklist For A Solar System Installation

Checklist For A Solar System Installation 1
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Checklist For A Solar System Installation


A solar system installation is not an easy task. This checklist summarizes the important points, which must be taken into consideration.

1.Choosing the right PV mounting system

It should be done together with a solar specialist. In this context, the PV mounting system must be suitable for the selected solar PV panels (observe the mounting instructions of the solar panel manufacturer).

2. Snow and wind load

It must be considered when choosing the PV mounting system.

3. Scaffolding for solar installation 

For the installation of solar panels on flat roofs, scaffolding is often not necessary. Guard rails are sufficient.

4. The Position of the solar power inverter and the meter

The solar power inverter should be mounted as close as possible to the feed point, so the AC cable can be kept short.

The meters must not be mounted in the available meter cabinet, but it is useful if there is space there.

5. Cables

If ductwork is available, this can substantially decrease the solar installation costs.

6. Putting into operation

The rules for putting into operation of the solar panel system must be respected.

7. Registration with your grid operator

Solar panel systems must be registered with the grid operator, who guarantees a few weeks’ time for completing the request.

8. Commissioning report

It is positive proof, and the presence of the plant operator is required!

The best approach is to go through all necessary documents beforehand with your solar specialist.

9. Expert instruction by solar specialist

It should be a matter of course: precise instructions by the expert such as how to interpret solar data logger and inverter data, but also instructions on the Feed-in meter, plant maintenance, etc.

10. Technical documentation of the solar PV system

A copy of the commissioning report should be kept. Also, all other documents such as guarantee, datasheets, bills and the like must be carefully sorted and kept, for example for the next tax declaration.

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