Checklist as a Guideline For The Planning of Your Solar Panel System

Checklist as a Guideline For The Planning of Your Solar Panel System 1

Checklist as a Guideline For The Planning of Your Solar Panel System


The planning of solar panel system is a complicated matter. This checklist summarizes the important points, which must be taken into consideration.

A) Optimal sizing of solar panel system

  1. Measure the size of roof area – to size your solar PV system it is important to estimate, measure, or ask an installer to measure, the roof area. Through building plans, roof tiles counting, laser gauges and suchlike.
  2. Estimate the possible power of the solar panel system – the easiest way is to use an online solar calculator. However, before this, you need to choose the number and the type of solar panel.
  3. Create roof layout– create the optimal roof layout taking dormers, shadowing and roof statics into consideration.
  4. To take a decision on the module type – this depends on the already mentioned factors, but also on the roof orientation, roof pitch, weight, and size of the solar panels.

B) Look for the right solar specialist

  1. Look for a local solar specialist – via recommendations, fairs, advertisements in daily newspapers.
  2. On-site visit – only through an on-site visit, can the solar expert give you a quotation – “blind offers” are inadvisable.
  3. Have a look at reference objects – customers gladly share their good experiences.
  4. If necessary, adapt your wishes after the consultation – on the one hand, the solar specialist should flexibly react to their customer’s wishes. On the other hand, if they advise you against XYZ then you should take that seriously too.
  5. Clarify the building permit – the solar specialist will inform you about these provisions, but it is worth contacting the municipality to check them.

C) Evaluate and compare your quotations

  1. Serious quotes/offers include all information relating to:
  • solar modules
  • solar power inverters
  • design
  • power
  • installation and mounting system
  • cables
  • costs
  • terms of payment
  • service
  • appointments
  1. It is recommended that you obtain at least three or four quotations, and these should be compared with the aid of:
  • Price – It is reasonable, to compare not only via the total costs per kilowatt peak.
  • Yield expectation – every solar specialist company creates on-demand an annual yield prognosis, which is essential for profitability.
  • Plant quality – here, all the components should be looked at, which should have the appropriate certificates and comply with the valid standards.

D) Request to grid system operator


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